Joe's Goal

JOE NAMATH GOT HIS BELL RUNG, HIS HEAD GOT HIT AND HIS head hit the ground, but through all the smelling salts to stand him up, all the escorts to the sideline bench, all the lapses in time waiting for the previous play to catch up to reality, he never thought he was hurting his brain. He never gave it a thought because no one else did. Now a neurological center has been named after him.

Somewhat of a 35-year afterthought to a 13-season, Hall-of-Fame, Super-Bowl-III-MVP career, Joe Namath, the lone quarterback to give the New York Jets a Super Bowl win, was the first in a trial to test oxygen as a drug to heal the brain.

Joe Namath believes if his fellow football players who have committed suicide, men who shot themselves in their hearts so doctors could look at their brains, if they had undergone hyperbaric oxygen therapies to treat their brain injuries, he believes it would have made a difference.

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